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Why choosing les Jardins de Rio?

Far from condominiums, residences and tight buildings!

With more than 20 years living in Rio San Juan, we have seen many residences and apartments, where condominiums rules are a permanent problem. We propose an alternative to this type of habitats: buildings where everyone his owner without collectives drawbacks. Buildings integrated in their environment, all have one of the most beautiful views of the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

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Questions and answers

Am I REALLY owner without being a resident in the Dominican Republic?

YES. In the Dominican Republic you are not required to be a resident to acquire land and / or real estate. You are therefore the sole owner, in your name, of the property you purchase.

Are there taxes, royalties to pay?

In the Dominican Republic you will not have any house taxes to pay or any royalties. Only legal fees are expected during the sale. Once your property acquired you have nothing more to spend.

What is the cost of living in the Dominican Republic?

With our constructions, equipped with solar panels and recovery of rainwater, you do not pay any subscription of electricity or water. All you have to worry is about your daily expenses. Fresh and local products are very cheap, imported products are more expensive. US$ 500 / month per person is a correct average, restaurant on the beach included.

Les Jardins de Rio