About The Gardens of Rio

Far from condominiums, residential homes and tight buildings! We build smart and ecological houses

With more than 20 years living in Rio San Juan, we have seen many residential homes and apartments, where condominiums rules are a permanent problem. So we propose something different: houses where everyone his owner without collectives drawbacks. Buildings integrated in their environment, all have one of the most beautiful views of the north coast of the Dominican Republic.

Respect for the environment and the local economy

The Gardens of Rio is involved with respect for the environment. For each of our constructions we propose the use of renewable energies: solar panels to provide electricity and hot water -because Caribbean is very sunny-, as well as the recovery of rainwater to provide water for the house. The architecture and the layout are studied in order to integrate each construction into the existing environment without unduly distorting it.

The Gardens of Rio employs local workers from the village of Rio San Juan. The equipments and materials purchased locally, and also the salaries, contribute to the development of the local economy of this peaceful village on the north coast of the Dominican Republic.