The house of your dreams

The Gardens of Rio offer buildings integrated with their environment, with one of the most beautiful views of the north coast of the Dominican Republic.


Phone: +33 636 140 205

Address: Comunidad de la Tierra, Rio San Juan, Dominican Republic

Respect for the environment

The Gardens of Rio is committed to respecting the environment. For each of our buildings, we propose the use of renewable energies: solar panels to supply electricity and hot water, as well as the recovery of rainwater to provide water for the habitat. But before that, we prefer local resources (workers, stuffs) and natural resources (materials). The architecture and the implantation of the constructions are studied in order to integrate better in the existing environment, without unduly distorting it.

Local economy

The Gardens of Rio employs workers from the village of Rio San Juan. The wages, but also the stuffs and materials bought locally contribute to the development of the local economy of this peaceful village of the North coast of the Dominican Republic.

Our Offers

We offer building lands with sea view.
You can also ask us to build your house or real estate project.

We have the solution to your project!

Building plots with sea view

US$38 /m²

Available from 2000 m² • Certified property title

Have questions?

Here are some answers to the questions we are asked most often. If you need more information feel free to contact us.

Why choose The Gardens of Rio ?

Far from condominiums, apartments piled up and houses with vis-à-vis!

With more than 20 years living in Rio San Juan, we have witnessed the blossoming of many residential homes, or apartments, where condominiums rules are a permanent problem. We therefore propose an alternative to this type of habitat. Buildings where everyone is the owner. Integrated habitats in their environment all with one of the most beautiful views of the North coast of the Dominican Republic.

Am I REALLY owner without being resident in the Dominican Republic?

YES!. In the Dominican Republic you don’t have to be a resident to buy land and / or real estate. So you are the owner, in your name, of the real estate you buy.

Are there any taxes, fees to pay?

In the Dominican Republic you will not have housing taxes to pay, nor any royalties. Only notary fees are to be expected at the time of sale. Once your real estate property acquired you have nothing more to spend.

What is the cost of living in the Dominican Republic?

With our constructions equipped with solar panels and recovery of rainwater you don’t pay any subscription of electricity or water. You just have to worry about your daily expenses. Fresh and local products are very cheap, imported products are more expensive. On average, plan 400-500 € / person per month , restaurants on the beach included.


We answer all requests.